Posted by AATHREYA on March 19 2011 11:36:00
Dr.Balakrishna M. Ramaraju
BALAKRISHNA : Women in My Life .

Bless Her Soul , my Natural Mother , Birth Mother
A Stern Mother , Forlorn , Strict Disciplinarian
Modest , withdrawn , Wary Of Showing Affection
Reason , My Overbearing Father , an indomitable person

My paternal grand mother , distant and aloof
Never close enough to me , her grandson
I can not fathom why , have no explanation
Probably paternal strained relation

My Maternal Grand Mother , No Son Of Her Own
Hence Me Grandson wore the mantle of Adopted Son
She is an embodiment of love and affection
Never once raised her hand against my person

My adopted father's sister , my foster Mother
She A child widow , bound by custom and tradition
Stayed back at home and looked after me as her own
A Woman , personification of warmth and kindness .

As an young boy I grew up amidst sisters seven
Two elder , four younger , and one a twin
They are Saptha Maathrukas , Seven Sisters
So considerate they let me play with them

Then my Father brought a stranger , no relation
To be my life partner , to accept without hesitation
She has been for the past 54 years my companion
I look back at my Father's choice with satisfaction

I am Blessed with three daughters , Trinity Divine
All eager to care for parents through thick and thin
A proof that a daughter is a daughter for ever and anon
Now I am a proud grandfather of five grand daughters

All the women of the world are my sisters .
To them all I am a gentleman
An uncle , an elder brother
So be it me Athri Muni Anasooya Devi Son .