you can earn up to $176 per month as a free member
Posted by knight on December 18 2010 10:23:00
i am not telling that in your first month you are going to make $176 with no cost, but after several months you can really make $176 per month.
just you have to be patient and have to follow some simple tips.

-first join using the link below.

- click at least 4 adds a day. ($.01/add)
-then using ur referral link make some free referrals. maximum limit of free referrals is 25 for free member.
if u and ur referrals are active u will earn about $16 in a month.($.005/ref click)
-plz do not withdraw ur money, use half of them to rent referrals. recycle ur inactive rented referrals. and extend the rental time for those are active.
- next month you will earn more and u will be able to rent more referrals.
- continue this process until u are able to rent 5oo active referrals, which is the maximum limit for free members.
- then from next month u will earn net $176 per month
-then you can withdraw $176 per month, or u can use some of them to upgrade ur membership to earn more.
-- if u can not refer any direct member , no problem you may also earn up to $161 per month by following the instruction, but it will take more time to reach the goal.
-u can make the process more fast, by renting ur referrals using paypal or alertpay.

- for payment proof go to the forum area at the site..