F*R*E*E Autoresponder for All!
Posted by Admin on December 17 2010 11:13:35
List Wire was designed with one goal in mind - make effective email marketing simple. With that goal in mind we've built a full-featured prospect management, and email marketing system that makes it easy to create, and send effective email marketing campaigns.

List Wire makes it incredibly easy to create subscription forms and add them to your own website, or blog. We've even taken it a step further, and have created a "SqueezeFrame" system that allows you to add a subscription form to your website, even if you don't know a thing about uploading webpages, editing HTML, or using an FTP program.

We use a 100% double opt-in process for each and every prospect that subscribes to your list to make sure your list is nice and clean. We also automatically take care of sending your confirmation messages, handing removal requests, processing bounced and undeliverable messages, and unsubscribing prospects who might mistakenly mark one of your messages as junk, or spam.

We do all of this,and more for you to ensure that you always have the best quality list, and remain fully compliant with spam laws, and industry-wide best practices.

Automated follow-up marketing sequences allow you to put your entire marketing campaign on autopilot. List Wire gives you the ability you to create, and send an unlimited number of pre-scheduled follow-up messages that are sent on the schedule that you've defined.

List Wire give you the ability to create, and send one-time broadcast messages to a single list, or even to multiple lists at the same time. If you're sending your broadcast to multiple lists, List Wire will automatically detect and remove duplicate prospects, so that you can be sure your prospects only get the message one time.

If you'd like to send fancy HTML messages, take advantage of our easy to use advanced editor that works just like your word processing program. You can style your text using bold, italic, and underlined text, insert bullets and hyperlinks, and even include graphics.

Finally, if you're taking advantage of social marketing platforms, like FaceBook and Twitter, the List Wire broadcast system can automatically send a specially formatted message out to all your followers for you. Just plug in your Twitter account details, link your accounts, and every message you send will not only hit your prospect's inbox, it'll also show up on their wall, and in their stream.

We are a 100% double-optin system, and all messages sent through the List Wire system are authenticated using Sender ID/SPF, and DomainKeys. These authentication systems are used by services like Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo! to make sure that your email wasn't forged, and to verify on the reputation of the sender. Don't worry about changing your DNS and TXT records, or modifying your mail transfer agent though - we've taken care of all the technical stuff so that you can just click send, and be done with it.

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